What type of housing program is Jackson Square Apartments:  We are an Affordable Housing Program and operate under the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 42.  The program is designed to facilitate the housing needs of low to moderate income households. 

How does someone qualify?  Qualification for this program is dependent on several factors including;  the number of people in the household, the total annual household income, credit and criminal background. 

What are your Resident Selection Criteria?  We have included in this packet a copy of our Resident Selection Criteria.  We run a credit and criminal background on all adult applicants as well as evaluate your rent to income ratio to determine that there is sufficient and stable income available to pay the rent.  If you fail to meet any of the criteria listed, we will not be able to approve your application for residency.

When will the apartments be ready to move into?  Since we are still under construction, we are unable to provide an exact date that the apartments will be ready to move into.  We anticipate that we will have occupancy Summer 2016.  If your application is approved and all verifications have been received, we will contact you to pay a $100 reservation fee.  When you move-in, this fee will be applied to your initial rent payment; however, in the event you cancel, this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.   You will be required to take possession of the unit within 14 days.  If not, you will be placed on the waitlist.

What do you count as “income”?  “Income” is the total gross income of all household members who will be residing in the apartment.  We count gross income earned from employment, self employment, unemployment benefits, social security payments, monetary gifts, public assistance, child support, retirement benefits, income from personal property, and income earned from assets (checking, saving, money market, CD’s, IRA, 401K or other investments).  We verify all income and assets by contacting the source of income directly and require written documentation that details your income.

Your verified income determines the household AMI%.

The maximum allowable household income limits in Jackson Square Apartments are as follows:


1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

6 Person

7 Person

8 Person




























To give an example, the annual gross income for the household …for 1 person cannot exceed $29,460, for 2 people it cannot exceed $33,600, for 3 people it cannot exceed $37,860, for 4 people it cannot exceed $42,060, for 5 people it cannot exceed $45,480, for 6 people it cannot exceed $48,840, for 7 people it cannot exceed $52,200 and for 8 people it cannot exceed $55,560.

Once your household AMI % is determined, the table below is used to determine the rent amount you would pay.  The rents at Jackson Square Apartments are controlled by regulation* and are currently as follows:



Section 42 Rents

30% AMI

Section 42 Rents

50% AMI

Section 42 Rents

60% AMI


Feet (approx)

1 BR




857 sq ft

2 BR




991 sq ft

3 BR




1218 sq ft

4 BR




1398 sq ft

Additional Fees:


$13.50 for each adult applicant 18 and over.  Cashier’s check or money order only.

Security  Deposit

$500 or a Sure Bond Deposit  (additional conditional deposit may apply)


$50.00 per month

Late Fee



$20 monthly fee per pet, and a $150 non-refundable deposit per pet 


Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. is an equal opportunity housing provider.  We fully comply with all Federal, State and Local Fair Housing and Civil Rights laws. 

The following procedures apply to all new applicants.  Approval is based on the criteria set forth below. 


No applicant will be denied the opportunity to complete a rental application.  A non-refundable application fee is required at the time of completion.  A separate rental application must be completed by each adult applicant 18 years of age or over who will be residing in the apartment.  The rental application must be completed in its entirety.  All applicants must have a Social Security Number or provide an ITIN and must be eligible to reside in the United States for the next 12 months.  Copies of birth certificates are required for all household members under the age of 18.   An applicant rejected for any reason may not reapply for 90 days unless proof can be shown that eligibility has changed. 


All affordable housing applicants must be eligible under the Section 42 guidelines.  A lease guarantor or co-signer is not permissible. 

Income Verification:

Third party written verification of all income sources will be required to determine resident eligibility.  Sources of income verification may include:  employment, alimony/child support, self- employment, pension benefits, social security income (SS & SSI), unemployment benefits, student loan/grant verification and welfare benefits (TANF), etc.

Asset Verification: 

Third-party written verification of all asset sources will be requested and reviewed to determine resident eligibility.  Sources of asset verification may include bank (savings, checking, C.D’s, etc.), stocks and bonds, real estate, etc.

Student Status:

Third-party written verification of student status may be required based on the full time student rules of the Section 42 Program.  If all members of the household are full time students, one member of the household will need to meet one of the five exceptions permitted by the Program.

Special Preferences:

Some of our communities have been assigned special designations, which would include, but are not limited to, units set aside for homeless households, developmentally or physical disability, and others.


Transfers to another unit must be approved by the Director of Compliance.


Gross annual income and asset calculations cannot exceed the specific percentage of the program that is applicable to that apartment and resident (such as an affordable housing program).  The applicant will be notified upon application regarding the specific requirements for the program they are applying.  Section 8 certificates and vouchers will be accepted on behalf of otherwise eligible residents for Section 42 properties where applicable. 

Minimum income requirements based on a combined rent to income ratio must not exceed 40%.  Applicants with Section 8 vouchers can have the minimum rent to income ratio requirement waived if they meet the credit and criminal requirements.


The applicant’s credit report will be reviewed to determine the history of their payment practices including utilities, outstanding loans, judgments, repossessions, foreclosures, bankruptcy and evictions.  The following specifications will be used in reviewing credit reports.

Addresses will be verified with the Application for Residency

Social Security numbers will be verified with the Application for Residency

Applicants with evictions filed within 36 months will be denied unless the eviction was dismissed by the court

Applicants with outstanding landlord debt within 36 months will be denied unless proof is provided that the balance was paid in full

Outstanding utility debt within 36 months must be paid in full (excludes cable and telephone)

Bankruptcies must be discharged or documentation is required from an attorney stating that no debt can be added to the bankruptcy

Additional Security Deposits:

An additional security deposit is required if the applicant has:

More than $2501 to $5000 of delinquent credit debt within 36 months

Civil judgments filed within 18 to 36 months

More than $1501 to $3000 of collections within 36 months


Criminal Background checks will be conducted on each adult applicant.  A decision will automatically be generated by Screening Reports based on the criteria Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. has set forth.  The criminal criteria are available to view by request.  Applicants listed in the sex offender registry are automatically denied.  Criminal overrides can only be approved by the Vice President of Property Management.


In determining initial eligibility, the maximum occupancy for each apartment is two people per bedroom.  Occupancy standards will conform to any state and local laws governing this issue.


Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc. may not consider incidents of domestic violence, dating violence or stalking as serious or repeated violations of the lease or other “good cause” for termination of assistance, tenancy or occupancy rights of the victim abused. We consider criminal activity directly relating to abuse, engaged in by member of a tenant’s household or any guest or other person under the tenant’s control, cause for termination of assistance, tenancy, or occupancy rights if the tenant or an immediate member of the tenant’s family is the victim or threatened victim of that abuse.

The Landlord may request in writing that the victim, or a family member on the victim’s behalf, certify that the individual is a victim of abuse and that the Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence of Stalking, For HUD-91066, or other documentation as noted on the certification form, be completed and submitted within 14 business days, or an agreed upon extension date, to receive protection under the VAWA.  Failure to provide certification or other supporting documentation within the specified timeframe may result in eviction.


If an applicant is eligible for residency, but the desired apartment home (size or AMI) is not available, management will place the applicant on a waiting list.  The list will include:

Applicant name

Household unit size

Date and time application is received

Qualification for any preferences and ranking

Targeted program qualifications

Accessibility requirements (if applicable)

Number of persons in the household

There will be a separate waiting list for each bedroom size with seniority appropriated on a first come, first serve basis.  Consideration will be given once a person has completed an application and submitted it to the office.  The waiting list will be kept and maintained at the on-site office.


All applicants have the right to appeal any decision made by Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.  In the event an appeal is requested, the applicant must first submit a written appeal to the Property Manager within 10 days of a decision.  In the event an appeal is requested, the applicant must submit a written appeal documenting specific reasons for the appeal as follows:

Any decision to deny residency due to credit and criminal results must be submitted to Screening Reports within 60 days of a decision.

Any decision to deny residency due to Section 42 program eligibility must be submitted to the Property Manager within 10 days of a decision.  The Property Manager will have 10 days from receipt of an appeal to file a formal written decision.

Any type of grievance can be emailed or mailed to Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc.   If via mail, direct all correspondence to the Vice President of Property Management, Herman & Kittle Properties, Inc., 500 E. 96th Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, Indiana  46240. 

We have a limited number of apartment homes at each rental rate.  Applications are taken and units assigned on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVE basis.